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Published on 21 October 2023 at 17:27

The Impact of Videos on Clinic Websites

Did you know that clinics including videos on their website have a 53% higher chance of appearing on the first page of Google searches, experience a 78% increase in user engagement, and establish 62% of customer trust online before they even make an in-person visit?

H2: Our Tailor-Made Video Production Services

Whether you were aware of these remarkable statistics or not, we're excited to introduce our cost-effective corporate video production services, tailor-made for UK beauty clinics.

H3: Your Brand's Story, Virtually Narrated

At LOYALS, we can help you create a compelling company introduction by narrating your brand's story, featuring virtual tours of your premises, introducing your team and founder, as well as service descriptions and customer testimonials. Everything we do for your brand will be of high quality to enhance your professional look and trust in your audience.

H3: Trust in People Over Brands

The addition of a video on your website's homepage can effectively encapsulate your brand's essence, resulting in increased search traffic and providing answers to potential client inquiries. It's worth noting that people are 70% more likely to trust individuals rather than brands alone. This underscores the importance of featuring your team in our video productions, showcasing their work processes and specialties.

H3: The Impact of Virtual Tours

Additionally, a virtual tour of your clinic can boost decision-making by 54% among those who view a video on your website compared to those who don't.

H3: Leveraging Social Media

Also, with our exclusive subscription service, you can enhance website traffic by addressing inquiries and demonstrating how your company caters to your target audience. We're also proficient in helping you create and manage your social media platforms since 36% of beauty clinic conversions are driven by social media posts.

Seize The Opportunity

H2: Join Us Today

Don't wait for your competitors to take the lead in signing up for our products! Pick up the phone and let's arrange a pre-production meeting. To explore the complete range of our services, visit our website at LOYALS.

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How can videos boost traffic to a beauty clinic's website?

Videos are a powerful tool to enhance website traffic. Clinics that include videos on their website have a 53% higher chance of appearing on the first page of Google searches. They captivate visitors and encourage them to stay longer, resulting in increased traffic.

How do videos build customer trust for beauty clinics?

Videos are instrumental in building trust. A remarkable 62% of customer trust is established online before they even make an in-person visit. Videos introduce your clinic, showcase your facilities, and allow potential clients to get to know your team, ultimately building trust in your brand.

Can videos help in converting website visitors into clients?

Absolutely. Videos provide valuable insights into your clinic. Potential clients are 54% more likely to make a decision after watching a video on your website compared to those who don't. This makes it easier for visitors to convert into clients.

How do videos contribute to brand improvement for beauty clinics?

Videos contribute significantly to brand enhancement. They effectively encapsulate your brand's essence, giving it a professional and trustworthy look. People are 70% more likely to trust individuals than brands alone, emphasizing the importance of showcasing your team and their expertise in videos.

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