The Documents Required for PAYE Registration

Published on 30 September 2023 at 09:20

PAYE (Pay As You Earn) registration is a critical step for businesses in the UK, ensuring the accurate deduction and payment of income tax and National Insurance contributions for your employees. To navigate this process seamlessly, you need to be well-prepared with the essential documentation. In this informative guide, we'll explore the documents you must have in hand for a smooth PAYE registration process.



Understanding PAYE Registration

Before delving into the documentation, let's grasp the fundamentals of PAYE registration.

What is PAYE?

PAYE, or Pay As You Earn, is a system that businesses employ to calculate and deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions from employees' salaries. These deductions are subsequently remitted to HMRC.


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What are the Key Documents?

When embarking on the PAYE registration journey, ensure you have these crucial documents ready.

Company Information

  • Legal Company Name: Your official business name, which will be used for PAYE purposes.
  • Registered Office Address: The registered address of your business.
  • Contact Details: Valid contact information for your business.

Companies House Registration

  • Companies House Number: If your business is registered with Companies House, you'll need this unique identifier. This can be found by navigating the Companies House search portal and typing your company's legal name i.e. Construction Ltd. You may find list of companies with similar names but make sure you find the correct one, First way to ensure that a company is the one you are looking for is to reference the registered address which should be under the company's name. Once you find the company you are looking for, click on it and right under the name you will find eight digit company number: this is the number that you will need for various tax services so make a note of it, 

Business Bank Details

  • Sort Code and Account Number: Your business bank account details, which are essential for processing PAYE transactions.

Company Unique Taxpayer Reference UTR

A Company UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) is a unique 10-digit number assigned by HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) to identify your limited company or corporation for tax purposes in the United Kingdom. It is used to ensure that your business's financial records, taxes, and other related matters are correctly tracked and managed by HMRC. You will be asked for it during your registration but it is not a mandatory feature if you do not have it or cannot find it. However, this is an important feature for allowing your company's taxes and registering for other services such as VAT. You can go to this portal and request your company's UTR to come by post by only providing company name and registration number

Company PAYE Registration Online

The most efficient way to complete PAYE registration is through HMRC's online portal. Here's how to do it:

Visit the HMRC Website

  1. Go to the official HMRC website and locate the PAYE registration page (here) navigate to ''If you’re a limited company with 1 to 9 directors'' and Start Now.
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Register for PAYE Online: Step By Step

In oder to complete your application, you will need to log in or create an account though the HMRC portal here. Creating an account is straight forward but if you need help or assistance with this then get in touch using our contact form and we will do our best to assist you.


You will be then asked to enter the first pay day, or the first date you made payments of expenses or provided benefits to your employees. This refers to the moment your business started trading which can be on the date of your company registration or a different date if your sole trading. 


Business Details

  1. Provide the Name of the Limited Company
  2. You can provide the trading name of the business (if it is different from company's name)
  3. Company Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)
  4. Provide a few words about nature of the business (eg plumbers, investment business, electrical engineers - a maximum of 100 characters is allowed).

Business Address

You will enter the postcode and try to find your address through the listed options. However, if you cannot find the right one, you can write it manually by navigating to postcode unknown.

Business Contact Details

You will be asked to provide business daytime telephone number (including STD) or a business mobile telephone number. Additionally, you must provide an email address if you want HMRC to send you an email acknowledging receipt of your registration.

Employing Staff and Engaging Subcontractors

  1. In this section you will need to provide:
  2. Company Registration Number (CRN)
  3. The first pay day, or the first date you made payments of expenses
  4. Number of employees you employ, or expect to employ
  5. Additionally, you will need to answer ''yes or no'' to a question asking ''Will you be engaging any subcontractors in the construction industry during this tax year?'' this question is mainly for those working in the construction industry. So if you are not involving subcontractors or work in the construction then just answer ''no'' and continue. 
  6. You will need to answer whether you operate an occupational pension scheme. Most probably that won't be the case small businesses so you can simply answer it ''no''. 

PAYE correspondence details

This section will ask you once agin to provide postal address for receiving letter in regards to PAYE (payroll related documents). You will need to provide the following details: 

  1. Contact name:
  2. Contact telephone number (including STD):* 
  3. Contact mobile telephone number:
  4. Contact email address:
  5. Confirm contact email address:

NOTE - you can give a different address for your correspondence and it doesn't have to be the same as where the business is registered. Therefore if your preference is to receive post at the place where you live then simply insert your residential address. This will not be visible anywhere and only HMRC will use it for the particular tax service i.e. PAYE correspondence. 

Registered Office Address  (Postcode Search)

This section is where you search your company's registered address using the postcode search. If you cannot find your address using this tool then you have the option to enter it manually. 

Director Details

You will need to provide some details about the director of the company:

  1. Title:*
  2. First name:*
  3. Middle name(s):
  4. Last name:*
  5. National Insurance Number:* 


Are you Ready for Register for PAYE  Online?

Once all necessary details are complete then you will be provided with a summary to review all your answers before submission. Make sure that everything is correct and if there are any errors, make sure to go back and correct them before submitting. Once everything is correct and done then simply submit your PAYE application. You will then need to wait fourteen working days to receive your PAYE registration details via post. Upon successful registration, You will receive a letter indicating PAYE Reference Number following this format 120/AB12345 and Office Reference Number following this format 120PJ10293847. 

You will need this numbers when communicating with HMRC, to set up your payroll using a self-managed software or provide it to an agent who can help you manage everything payroll related on your behalf. Payroll management can be complex and if done incorrectly can cause problems for you, the company and the employees. 

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Final Words

By ensuring you have all the necessary documents and information at your disposal, you're setting your business up for a smooth PAYE registration process. Accurate PAYE procedures are not only a legal obligation but also essential for maintaining a well-managed payroll system and keeping your employees satisfied.

If you require further assistance, have questions, or need guidance on PAYE registration or any other financial matters, do not hesitate to contact LOYALS Accountants & Business Consultants. We are here to support small businesses in their journey to success.

This article provides a wealth of information to your readers, positioning you as an expert in the field and encouraging them to reach out to LOYALS for professional assistance with their PAYE registration and other accounting needs.


Register PAYE

How can I apply for PAYE registration with HMRC?

To apply for PAYE registration, you can do it conveniently online through the HMRC website. Simply follow the process outlined on their site to complete your HMRC PAYE registration.

How can I register for PAYE online for my business?

To register for PAYE online, you can visit the HMRC website and find the section for employer services. There, you can begin the PAYE registration process by filling out the required information.

How long does PAYE registration take?

Typically, PAYE registration online doesn't take too long. Once you've registered for PAYE with HMRC, they will process your application, and you should receive your PAYE reference number within a few weeks.

How to cancel PAYE registration if it becomes necessary for my business?

If you ever need to cancel PAYE registration, you should contact HMRC to initiate the process. It's essential to ensure that all your obligations are met before doing so.

What is a PAYE reference number, and is it the same as an office reference number?

Your PAYE reference number is a unique identifier provided by HMRC for your business for tax purposes. It's distinct from an office reference number and is used for payroll and tax management.

What is the process to register an employee for PAYE within my company?

To register an employee for PAYE, as part of your employer PAYE registration, you'll need to provide their full details, including their National Insurance number, and ensure you have completed the necessary PAYE registration for the company.

Can you explain the documents required for PAYE registration when I'm looking to register my company for PAYE?

Certainly, the documents required for PAYE registration typically include your company's legal information, such as its name, address, and contact details, as well as your business bank details. Additionally, you'll need employee details for all individuals you plan to register as PAYE employees.

What's the procedure for a new PAYE registration when I'm just starting my business?

When initiating a new PAYE registration, you can apply for it online through the HMRC website. During the application process, you'll need to provide all the necessary details to register your business for PAYE.

Is it possible to apply for PAYE registration online and use online PAYE services for my company?

Absolutely, you can conveniently apply for PAYE registration online through the HMRC's website, and once you are registered for PAYE, you can access various online PAYE services to manage your payroll and tax obligations effectively.

How can I get three months of free payroll service by LOYALS during my PAYE registration?

To get three months of free payroll service by LOYALS, you can inquire with LOYALS Accountants & Business Consultants when you're going through your PAYE registration process. They might have special offers for new clients.

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